Who are we?

BlueGray brings to the table real world experiences gained over more than two decades of working in professional communications. Think you have a unique situation? Bet we've heard of it, and probably dealt with it. Give us a try.

The principal owners of BlueGray are Paul B. Freeman and Paul Holland.

Paul Freeman is gifted in planning strategic, effective marketing campaigns, as well as in conceptualizing winning strategies for communicating your message to a desired audience in a cost effective manner. Paul Freeman will help your company produce a comprehensive communications plan that is coordinated, timely, and executed so that you get the most benefit for your investment. That’s the game, isn’t it?

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Early in Paul Holland's career he discovered that while he works best in a team environment, he has an annoying love for being involved in all of the elements of producing complex communications projects. His primary skillset is as a writer, but has augmented those skills with production artist’s skills. He has experience designing corporate logos, websites, corporate identity packages, newsletters, and book-length documents. His experience enables him to recommend the most effective way to produce projects that meet your communications needs. With a good deal of experience as a freelance newspaper writer, you can be assured that he will listen and hear what you want, not try and tell you what you should want.

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Strategic vision, high-level planning, writing ability, document production in a variety of media--this all adds up to why BlueGray Communications projects produce results! Or maybe it's just the bagels we bring to morning meetings. Whatever. Either way, you win!