Paul Holland

Paul Holland Overview

The other Paul in our story also possesses over 10 years of hands-on experience as a technical writer and production artist. His experience has been focused on the crafting of complex detailed documents for a variety of technical industries including, a manufacturers of data-acquisition instrumentation, medical-imaging equipment, and enterprise-wide software solutions.

Paul's experience has followed his desire to be involved in all aspects of the production of communications documents. This experience ranges from book-length documents complete with detailed illustrations, all the way to public relations and data sheets with less detail. He has also written sales training material and unique motivational/sales focused programs. This experience provides a comprehensive understanding of production details, allowing him to make the best recommendation for your communications initiatives.

Society for Technical Communications
Paul is also a senior member of the Society for Technical Communications. Within the STC he is a member of both the Lone Star Community and the Northeast Ohio Community, as well as the Marketing Communications SIG.

Primary contributions are web support.

About the STC. "STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication. It is the largest organization of its type in the world. Its 18,000 members include technical writers and editors, content developers, documentation specialists, technical illustrators, instructional designers, academics, information architects, usability and human factors professionals, visual designers, Web designers and developers, and translators - anyone whose work makes technical information available to those who need it." Copyright STC website