Paul B. Freeman

Paul B. Freeman Overview
(That’s Paul Freeman on the right, by the way.)

Paul Freeman has evenly split his communications career between business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Mr. Freeman is a high-tech, products, services, and consulting industry professional with over 13 years of progressively responsible experience. Sales-oriented accountability, innovative market penetration strategies, successful brand development and management programs, and award-winning marketing communications programs and deliverables characterize Mr. Freeman’s experience.

Enough referring to myself in the third person. On the golf course, I’m an 18 handicap southpaw with a penchant for "grip it and rip it". I’ve never upgraded from my 10-degree Big Bertha (though I did re-shaft it with an RCH 65 tip-stiff, which lets me draw the ball now a little more (smile all); my Carbite Tour Tungsten irons are only a couple of years old; and I use a Carbite Polar Balanced putter. Let the record reflect that Calloway and Carbite are not BlueGray Communications clients (yet), but Paul Freeman is a Calloway and Carbite client.

See you at the 19th hole.