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Integrated Marketing Strategy

Companies build brand recognition by presenting a consistent message across a variety of media platforms. By creating and implementing a strategic plan to market your brand BlueGray exponentially increases brand recognition amongst potential customers.

Print & Digital Media

Flyers, sales slicks, brochures, websites and other print and/or digital media allow your company to be heard. Getting your message out with well-designed media contributes toward gaining additional clients and/or customers.

Website Design & Hosting

An online presence helps potential customers gain awareness of your company. A well-constructed, purposeful website creates more than potential; it generates new customers and enhances the positive experience of existing ones.

Copywriting & Editing

Copywriting initiates the use of key words on websites to generate increased visibility on search engines. Editing builds on this to help adjust the usage of key words to boost visibility further. Utilizing both in a strategic plan will help get a well-designed message to your intended audience of potential customers.

Graphics Design

Meaningful, impactful, strategic graphics help define and reinforce intended messages to maximize effective communication to your clients. Eye-catching graphics draw a potential customer into exploring an intended message further. The right graphics for your company will pull in customers and communicate your message.

Content Marketing

High quality content is key to delivering effective messages to your potential customers. Purposeful, strategic, and consistent content attracts and maintains a desired audience of potential customers.

About BlueGray

A full service marketing communications firm...
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BlueGray Communications provides “Quality Communications” for those of us whose budgets have real-world limitations, yet require excellent performance. BlueGray's experienced marketing communications professionals are capable of crafting strategic marketing initiatives in a creative, unique, and — importantly — cost-effective manner. BlueGray partners with clients on either a per-project basis, or, we can drive your communications initiatives from beginning to end.


The BlueGray Team...

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Paul Holland

MarComm Writer and Graphics/Web Designer
Founding partner, Paul has over 20 years of marketing communications & Web design experience.

Michael P. Holland

Marketing Communications Strategist & Copywriter
Michael Joined BlueGray in June of 2015. He brings with him a passion for writing and graphics design, as well as a fresh outlook on MarComm strategy.

Brian Hertzler

Copy Writer, Graphics/Web Design
Newest member of the BlueGray team, Brian has a gift for content generation, and a keen eye for graphics and web design.

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